IN 50yrs WE’LL ALL BE CHICKS: Feminism and the Pinkification of Pro Football

Published on October 17, 2013

Everyone has seen the pink footgear, pink body flags, and pink gloves being paraded on the NFL fields all over the country. Everyone knows that it’s about breast cancer awareness, and that it is a woman’s campaign.

Hardly a more worthy or important campaign could be thus launched. Yet, this ominous intrusion into the man’s world is tainted by raw feminism of the recent past which put women reporters in men’s locker rooms. Something is deeply amiss, despite the equality of death and spousal commitment.

While it is true that what affects one spouse intimately affects the other; while men’s prostate cancer has been ‘advertised’ by women as though women get prostate cancer also (by proxy, by spousal affectation in the conjugal, physical relation); the fact is, as Limbaugh pointed out, there is no campaign for men’s testicular cancer, or anything about particularly masculine forms of cancer. (Fact is, men sometimes get breast cancer also, rarely.)

Strong men are always the target of all women. Women are abjectly attracted to strong men, of any color, usually. The women generally looks to the man as the provider and protector, one way or another. But feminism as a political movement hates men. It is attracted to the man as an enemy, as something to be degraded, despised, and emasculated. (This is what the anti-Indian warrior image is all about. The strongest image of all must be removed unquestionably!)

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