ABORTION WITHOUT RESTRICTIONS: Terry McAuliffe, ‘I Will be a Brickwall for Abortion advocates’

FACT #4: On the issue of abortion, Terry McAuliffe is trying to portray himself as a moderate.

THE TRUTH: Get him off his talking points, as happened at a recent appearance (Sept 12) at George Mason University, and the real Terry McAuliffe shines through. McAuliffe pledged to be a “brick wall” on the issue of abortion, even refusing to support a common sense limit on abortions after the fifth to sixth month of pregnancy.

Woman #1:  “So as governor, would you oppose any restrictions on my right to an abortion at any time?”

McAuliffe:   “Yes.”

Woman  #1:   “No, Yes?”

McAuliffe:   “I would support stopping any restrictions.”

And then to remove any doubt, he told another woman that as governor he would be a “brick wall” against even the most common ground limitations on abortion.

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