Afghanistan Combat Lieutenant Sentenced To 20yrs For Doing His Job

Published on October 17, 2013

By Allen West

Obama’s military contempt: The outrageous treatment of Clint Lorance

A recent case against a young Army soldier shows once again how our military is under fire from all sides here at home.

WASHINGTON, October 14, 2013 – If the fact that the Obama Administration has blocked aging veterans from visiting the World War II memorial and denied death gratuity benefits for fallen warriors doesn’t seem to indicate contempt for our military, how about this most recent story?

Army First Lieutenant Clint Lorance, a 28-year-old combat leader in the 82d Airborne Division from Celeste, Texas was recently found guilty of two counts of murder in Afghanistan and sentenced to 20 years in Ft. Leavenworth.

The story of First Lieutenant Lorance has not been covered by a single major media source.

Originally published in Communities @The Washington

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