Allen West To President Obama: You’re “A Brat”

Published on October 11, 2013

Former Rep. Allen West took to the media  Thursday to give an  assessment on the progression of the government shutdown,  and President  Obama’s leadership skills:  He’s throwing a tantrum, acting like a  “spoiled brat,” he said.

“I can put it in very basic Southern terms: a spoiled brat child,”  Mr.  West said, during an interview with Newsmax. “We have been giving  Barack  Obama everything that he has wanted. We gave him a state senator  position  in Chicago, we gave him a U.S.  Senate position out of the state  of Illinois, unproven, untested, no  resume, we gave him the presidency  twice.”

But Mr. Obama isn’t satisfied, Mr.  West said. And the result is  predictable: It’s what happens when an  overindulged child is denied, he  said.

“So if you continue to reward bad behavior, you’re going to get more of that  bad behavior,” Mr. West told Newsmax.

Mr. West also said that Mr.  Obama’s childish behavior is rooted in  his desire to enact radical change  that turns the constitutional system  of the nation’s government upside  down.

Under Mr. Obama’s watch, the nation is  losing that belief system and instead moving toward an “imperial presidency,” he  said.


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