BOOM: Conservative Mom says, ‘Single Mothers are Destroying Kids and Society’

Published on October 9, 2013

WARNING! The following article may offend you…but only if you insist on taking math personally.

First, I must address the definition of “single mother” because many of you don’t understand what a single mother is.

If you have ever been married, had children with the same man to whom you were married and divorced, you are not a single mother. You are a divorced mother. Further, if you are a single mother who has never been married but whose children are thriving and not suffering any of the previously mentioned problems of poverty or the about-to-be mentioned problems of sexual abuse and more, congratulations! You are one of the minority of single mothers who escaped what most others will not.

The fact that a majority of single mothers will harm their children or produce children who will harm others is not a reflection on the minority of single mothers who have beaten the odds or who are beating them every day. To you single mothers who have climbed seemingly insurmountable obstacles, just breathe and say a prayer of thanks to the Almighty for sheltering your children and blessing you with wisdom. No one is judging you. You have enough on your plate. I get that.

The purpose of this series is to shine a light on the serious problem a majority of single mothers are causing because of their choices to have children out of wedlock. (Again…majority does not mean “all”. In fact, Webster Dictionary defines it as “more than half” which leaves less than half who are not behaving in the described ways or who will escape the consequences.)

If you saw a person standing on train tracks unaware that a train was barreling toward them would you not yell out or try to push them out of the way? If the answer is yes, then try to see this article (and the previous one) as such a warning and not a diatribe aimed to wound.

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