CHIVALRY’S DEAD AT WALMART: Employee gets Fired for Keeping a Man from Assaulting his ‘Girlfriend’

Published on October 18, 2013

Kristopher Oswald says he was doing the right thing when he jumped to the aid of a woman being assaulted in the parking lot of the Michigan Walmart where he worked.

Walmart says he violated company policy and fired Mr Oswald the next day.

The 30-year-old stock clerk in Hartland, Michigan, was punched six times in the head by the woman’s furious boyfriend, but he says he never thought the incident would cost him his job.

‘I never expected all of this. And the least I expected was to not have a job,’ Mr Oswald told WXYZ-TV.

But Walmart says corporate rules demanded that Mr Oswald not intervene in that circumstance. Mr Oswald’s manager wrote he was fired ‘after a violation of company policy on his lunch break.’

‘We had to make a tough decision, one that e don’t take lightly, and he’s no longer with the company,’ company spokeswoman Ashley Hardie told the Associated Press.

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