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Cruz’s Take: Hard To Win With Senate Republicans Attacking The House

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz said Saturday that  Republicans  lost the government shutdown budget  battle because some  members of his  own party in Congress turned on their colleagues, but  that he doesn’t  think they will make the same  mistake during another  political impasse. “I am hopeful that in the future the Senate  will listen,” Cruz, the  tea party favorite and  freshman senator from  Texas, told a convention  in Austin of the Texas  Medical Association. Cruz  in late September staged a 21-plus hour  quasi-filibuster on the  Senate  floor, helping  spark a budget fight in  the Republican-led House  that  partially shuttered the government in an attempt  to sever funding  for  the White House’s  signature health care law. Then, with the  country facing a debt default, leaders in the  Democratic-led  Senate  brokered a deal to end the standoff —  which Cruz  dismissed as “selling  the  American people down the river.” Read more at Washington Times