WHAT WOULD YOU DO DAD?: Special needs girl tormented with dozens of vile texts from bullies

Published on October 12, 2013

A special needs high school student from  Texas has been subjected to vicious bullying, receiving a barrage of offensive  text messages from strangers poking fun at her condition and threatening to rape  and kill her.

Shea Shawhan, of Plano, is 18 years old but  has the mental capacity of an 8-year-old as a result of a severe brain injury  she had suffered at birth.

Shea is a junior at Plano West Senior High  School, where she plays softball and is a member of the cheer squad.  

Eight months ago, the 18-year-old girl began  receiving hateful text messages on her iPhone mocking her disability and her  appearance.

One of the texts read: ‘Why are u still here.  Clearly no one wants you. U only have special needs friends. And ur ugly and  have a horrible fashion sense. Honestly ur clothes suck.’ 

Some of the missives addressed to the student  were even more explicit and menacing, including one that stated: ‘Shea is so  annoying but cute I want to do more than just kiss her I want to rape her then  kill her. That will finally make sure she goes away for good.’

Shea’s mother, Kerri Riddell, believes that a  group of kids from her daughter’s school are responsible for the harassing text  messages.


‘She’s so sweet and I’m so frustrated I can’t  find out who it is. I just want to find that parent and say, ‘What did you do?  Do you know your child is doing this?”’ Miss Riddell told the station  MyFox Dallas-Fort Worth.

The texts have been sent from bogus phone  numbers generated by web applications, making it difficult to identify the  senders.

A message sent in late September even boasted  that Shea and her mother would never be able to figure out who has been  tormenting her.

‘I am many because we are a group and a union  of people who dislike u,’ the missive stated.

In a bid to stop the bullying, Keri Riddell  has changed Shea’s phone number and blocked many of the fake numbers, but  messages are still trickling in at a steady pace. 

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