DEATH THREATS: FBI Called In to Investigate Violent Threats Against Ted Cruz

Published on October 21, 2013

Law enforcement officials are investigating threats made via Twitter against Senator Ted Cruz of Texas who gained national notoriety with his crusade to deny funding to Obamacare.

The Canadian-born Tea Party conservative is widely believed to have been a major force behind the recent government shutdown.

The threats were made on Twitter by a person with the Twitter handle @ArmyVet54.

The man, identified as Troy Gilmore Jr, posted on Twitter Friday morning: ‘Take down Ted Cruz, at his home’ and listed Cruz’s home address in Houston, Texas.

‘Lets Find Ted Cruz, Texas address and show up his House, drag him out and B***h slap his A** in front of the country,’ another tweet reads.

‘Ted Cruz, we want you a** go the f*** back in Canada, else you and ur family will pay. U got a f***ing big mouth,’ the same person wrote.


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