DOGS RULE: A gentle labrador coaxes reluctant Down’s Syndrome boy to play with him

Published on October 1, 2013

This is the heart-warming moment that a gentle dog befriends a young boy with Down’s Syndrome and persuades the child to play.

Herman, now five, from La Plata, Buenos Aires, was captured on camera being approached by Himalaya, a Labrador.

Herman’s mother Ana, who posted the video on YouTube, said her son’s condition means that he backs away from contact.

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Herman, who has two older sisters was aged three when the tender moment was filmed.

The video shows the little boy sitting on a patio in front of Himalaya.

Herman then shuffles over to the dog and looks at him, but when Himalaya places a gentle paw on the little boy’s foot he baulks and moves away again.

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