EPIC BRAWL: Hannity Throw Downs With Weiner In Legendary Brouhaha

Published on October 10, 2013

Fox News Insider-Anthony Weiner sat down with Sean Hannity tonight … and let’s just say neither guest nor host held much back.  The former congressman was forced to resign in 2011 after he tweeted a nude photo of himself to a woman who was not his wife. A sexting scandal revealed itself this past year during Weiner’s failed run for New York City mayor.

Even though Hannity admitted to not agreeing on anything with Weiner, he wished him the best in his personal life. Weiner dodged questions about his egregious behavior, which led Hannity to ask about his future. “I thought maybe the reason you are here is because maybe you wanted to transition to television, and maybe you’re coming on this show in the hopes of like replacing Chris Matthews.”

“Nope,” Weiner responded. “You asked me to come on, you said you wanted to talk about ObamaCare. […] It seems sometimes you need some explaining on things. I’m here to do it for you, brother.”

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