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Face It, Conservatives: No Common Ground With Radical Left

By Paul Hair
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

We don’t have any common ground with one another any longer. Or at least a large portion of us don’t.

The House of Representatives agreed to surrender its constitutional authority on spending to Obama and his allies, proving once more that conservative leaders believe in and are willing to fight for nothing.

And as always happens when surrendering to evil, the losers didn’t receive much in the way of goodwill.

National Journal, a mouthpiece of the Democratic Party, gleefully published stories with headlines such as, “Democrats Taunt Republicans Ahead of Debt-Ceiling Votes”, “The Tea Party Shut Down the Government and All They Got Were These Lousy Poll Numbers”, “Debt-Ceiling Deal Near, but Damage Done” (which advances the narrative that even when Democrats get everything they want, they actually lose — a standard Marxist tactic), and “Relax, GOP! You’ve Already Wounded Obamacare” (which blames all the massive failures of Obamacare on conservative resistance to it).

That’s right. Even when leftists fully control everything and get everything they want they still blame all the massive problems resulting from their agenda on their opposition. Kind of like how Marxist Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro blames his opposition for the toilet paper shortage and other societal destruction that always results from Marxism.

We simply have no common ground with leftists. And we haven’t had any for a long time.

Leftists applaud stealing elections and committing voter fraud. And when people try to stop them they declare that they are causing “voter disenfranchisement” and “stealing elections.”

Illegal aliens invade and takeover the nation without fear of being stopped or deported. Our leaders celebrate them and label people who want them stopped as “xenophobic,” “racist,” and other slurs.

Abortion is rampant and birth control readily available for everyone, yet leftists declare that those who oppose murder and don’t want to subsidize someone else’s sex life are part of a “war on women.”

A Hispanic man defends himself from a black man but leftists declare that a white man committed unprovoked murder. Then they angrily insist that their fiction “proves” that it is legal for white people to murder black men. At the same time, the actual epidemic of black-on-white violence is ignored by all but a tiny fraction of Americans.

Leftists actively undermine U.S. troops in fighting back against Islamic terrorists. They also eagerly negotiate with terrorists and want to find out “why they hate us.” They admonish people who urge self-defense, vilifying them as “Islamophobic” and accusing them of “provoking” Muslims to attack us.

Simultaneously, they sneer at conservatives and constantly provoke them. They label conservatives as the “American Taliban” and “Christianist extremists” who are only moments away from installing a Christian theocracy or anarchy (or perhaps both).

Speaking of theocracies, as leftists accuse conservatives of instituting a Christian or fiscally religious theocracy, their latest power grab means that they have actually installed one with themselves as their gods.

Mark Levin’s website puts it in slightly different terms:

In essence, this has been a coup by the Executive to limit the power of all other branches so that there are no checks and balances. Obama will set spending levels and veto any bills that fall short of his demands as he threatens to single handedly push the nation into a default.

So how do we find common ground with people who have just conducted a coup? We don’t. The talk about “compromise” and coming together must stop.

Yet, the time for talking is not done. Now is the time to talk to establish what everyone believes — including family and friends. Find out who the “true believers” are for leftism. We cannot change their minds. But we can change those who think they are on the left but really aren’t — who only side with the left because of what the media tells them.

Once we establish what people believe and with whom everyone really sides, then we can actually decide what our options are and what to do about our irreconcilable differences.

P Hair editPaul Hair honorably served in the U.S. Army Reserve as a non-commissioned officer; he is veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He has worked as a civilian in both the government and private sectors. His writings have appeared across the web including at sites such as Breitbart, The Daily Caller, and WND. Paul now runs The Security and Culture Intelligencer website (, which analyzes security and cultural issues. Connect with him at the S&CI website and on Twitter at @PaulHair1.