Fighting the Culture War: What Rush Limbaugh Does Right

Written by Wes Walker on October 19, 2013

It’s something more than having the right principles and ideas that turned Rush Limbaugh into the guy that makes the drive-by media check under their bed at night.

After all, Rush is by no means the only person who subscribes to robust and unflinching Conservative values.  He isn’t even the only person who can articulate them well, with confidence, and really enjoy himself while doing it.

But something about what he does carries more weight, and greater persuasive power than other people saying basically the same thing.  And if we, too, want to be effective, this is a question worth exploring.

The answer also sheds light on how sometimes inferior ideas, policies and platforms (even if they’re completely unworkable) can generate a following.

Bill Whittle has proposed an answer to that question.  He says it has to do with the difference between PRACTICAL intelligence and RHETORICAL intelligence.

Practical has to do with ideas and know-how.  We’re all familiar with that.

But Rhetorical has to do with persuasion.  The ability to connect emotionally with the audience.  To effectively TELL A STORY.

Rhetorical intelligence is far more compelling than just facts and data.  And the Left is miles ahead of us in this department.  That’s why they’re making inroads in the culture war.

The thing that Rush does so well, what really sets him apart, is his consistent ability to apply both kinds of intelligence.

Here’s the column where Bill explains this idea.  He thinks this will be one of the important keys to any successful cultural counter-offensive.

What do YOU think?