Furious Judge Jeanine Pirro Nukes Kathleen Sebelius

Published on October 21, 2013


FOX NEWS INSIDER –  Judge Jeanine Pirro tackled the ObamaCare website catastrophe and why the Obama administration will not confirm how many people signed up for health care so far. Check out her Opening Statement from last night’s Justice in the video above and transcript below:

It’s a system that’s supposed to be used by everybody, so that ObamaCare can be bought by anybody. But so far, the health care website has worked for practically nobody. Welcome to the Land of Oz!

And now, we find out the people who are supposed to guide us through the ObamaCare maze and enter our private data – Social Security numbers, date of birth and personal identifiable information – the ObamaCare “navigators,” don’t even go through basic background or fingerprint checks.

But it gets better, ladies and gentlemen. If those navigators have a prior conviction, it will not disqualify them, anyway.  An outstanding warrant?  No problem! In the midst of bankruptcy? No problem!

Now, forget the obvious privacy issues. Has anyone in Washington ever heard of identity theft?

But then again, why would we be shocked to learn there’s no screening by these Washington bozos?

You remember Edward Snowden, the NSA leaker, and the Navy Yard shooter. They obviously weren’t properly screened.

So why is it that the a key part of the president’s signature legislation – for which Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius had more than three years to prepare – can’t even get the website off the ground.

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