So … Government Shutdown Was George W. Bush’s Fault?

Published on October 20, 2013

by Gary Frazier
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

Last week, I read an article in where the author was suggesting the government shutdown may have been (in some unfathomable opinion) Geo. W. Bush’s fault.

This made my mind go back to the time of 9/11/01, when the Twin Towers had just been assaulted and two schools of thought were being bandied about on the ‘net. Back then, some were blaming Bush for not being in touch with what was going on, while others were laying blame at the feet of Bill Clinton, who could have
had bin Laden arrested, but didn’t.

Back then, popular liberal thought was that Bush had been in office long enough to know what was going on and, while that sounds plausible, it is nothing, absolutely NOTHING! compared to what has happened since Obama began his tenure of laziness.

I am ending this the way I end every thought I have during Obama’s presidency: I am always wondering how DEBT can, in any way, be considered a victory.

Let’s see … Back when the BP oil platform blew in the Gulf of Mexico, we, again, saw every liberal (of uncertain mental balance, as I often said) blaming any and everybody — I mean, some report even blamed Ronald Reagan!! — they could find.

They uniformly DID NOT blame Obama because, to them, he was Superman and none of them could imagine Superman doing anything, except saving the day!

Recently, as the government shutdown continued, the liberal media had been known to blame the House Republicans (if you can find one, he/she has probably been blamed by at least one reporter, out there.)

Then, I saw a report, stating the government shutdown had been ended and that the House of Representatives had agreed to allow the debt ceiling to be raised.

So, I sat there in awe of something: I was not in awe of the fact that the conservatives put up a good fight (I don”t think they did … In my view, they just wanted us to THINK they opposed this; all along, they planned to allow it to be ratified.)

Nor was I awed by the fact that the stalemate was over (I think they joined the rest of the boot-licking Washington environment, so what is there worth pining over?

Simply put, I was awed (shocked might be a better word, though) by the fact that both sides of the aisle will claim victory, while they allow a criminal enterprise to bankrupt America!

For the life of me, I cannot understand how allowing Obama more money to blow, while providing no protection to the taxpayers and providing less money to all of the citizens, could be considered a victory.

If they want me to believe they’re victorious, all they have to do is RE-OPEN OIL DRILLING, strike the trillions of barrels waiting to be harvested, and GET ALL THOSE OIL-RICH ARABS OFF OUR BACKS!!

Anything else will be considered failure and no amount of boot-licking will cause my opinion to change!

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