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Liberals and Groupthink: the Narrative Is King

Neanderthals and Narcissists in the age of incoherence.

”Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that occurs within a group of people, in which the desire for harmony or conformity in the group results in an incorrect or deviant decision-making outcome. Group members try to minimize conflict and reach a consensus decision without critical evaluation of alternative ideas or viewpoints, and by isolating themselves from outside influences.” (Source: Wikipedia)

One of the stark ironies in this age of incoherence is the clash between post-modern presuppositions, and reality.   For example, the prevailing presupposition appears to be: we can print money endlessly, spend this fiat currency without restraint, and pretend prosperity without fear of consequence.   And then there’s reality.  

Another example: Democrats think and act in lock step but insist they are the most diverse and free thinking group in the country. Republicans are much more diverse and less likely to march in conformity, but they are frequently cast as worker bees.  The real worker bees, socialists who dominate the Democrat Party, they pack a more powerful political punch thanks to uniformity, even if it costs them freedom of thought, enmeshed as they are in a steel web of political correctness, another term for groupthink.  Democrats are not alone. RINOs are as muddled and self-satisfied with groupthink as goose-stepping Democrats.

Ironic and hilarious to realize that the people who consider themselves “progressive” and “non-conformist”, have progressed little since high school, trapped as they are in a conformist tyranny of their own making. 

According to the definition of groupthink above, consensus is the goal, not critical thinking, and yet these unthinking conformists routinely accuse the opposition of being anti-intellectual robots.  The tyranny of “cool” requires they support consensus even in the face of contrary evidence, even at the risk of looking idiotic.

Another prevailing presupposition blindly supported by the mob: socialism is the road to enlightenment. Never mind that socialism always fails.  Capitalism routinely helps everyone willing to work. Conclusion of the captives: remain a socialist, even if you don’t know what that means, because that is the consensus; it is cool, don’t you know?

Another of these glaring ironies: the “free press“. First, the press, or media if you prefer, is not free.  Free thinkers are drummed out. Freedom is limited by corporate ownership and government manipulation.  Senator Feinstein wants to have government license reporters, certainly a step toward Big Brother information management.  Press freedom is also limited by the press itself, operating as it does these days, in the main, according to the rules of political correctness, i.e., groupthink.

There is no analysis.  There is little critical evaluation of facts, largely because facts are irrelevant.  Only the narrative supportive of the agenda is relevant.   For example, semi-automatic rifles have been deemed “murder machines” by media and friends of media in government.  The worst offender: the AR-15. 

Conformists ignore the fact this rifle is rarely used to kill people on the domestic scene.  Even so, it has been singled out the villain.  Americans kill one another far more often with knives or rocks or sticks or bare hands than by AR-15.

And so, when the Navy Yard shooting took place, without a molecule of evidence, most of the major media outlets reported the shooter used an AR-15.  Guess what?  He tried to buy one, but was turned away.  So he bought a shotgun, shot guards, and took their pistols. There was no AR-15 involved, yet senators Feinstein and Durbin and others bellowed about the heinous weapon, joining CNN, MSNBC, the N.Y. Times, the L.A. Times and many others reporting an AR-15 was used, then condemning anyone willing to defend the 2ndAmendment. Silly old Constitution…

In truth, a mad man who’d given warning signs for years, was not collared or properly committed so as to receive treatment, and innocent people died when he used a shot gun and broke the law taking it into a military facility.  The shooter would have found a way to shoot regardless of the law!  D.C. is the most gun regulated place on earth!

Crazy people kill other people, and just because a law exists, it does not deter the insane. Neither do facts disrupt the narrative of the insane members of GroupThink USA. 

Gun control, one entry on the long list of control measures the control freaks push, is the goal, and any means may be employed toward that end, including making things up or lying about evidence, such as reporting an AR-15 was the killing machine used at the Navy Yard. Groupthink makes allowance for questionable means so long as they drive the cherished end.  Feeding the narrative becomes a fixation, and then a fetish.

Another example of groupthink run amok:  the endless whining and screeching about so-called man-made global warming. The polar ice cap is much bigger than it was a year ago.  Al Gore said, by this time, the melting cap would flood coastal communities, and the cap would be no more!  New studies constantly refute the theory of man-made global warming, concluding most recently it is a farce, nothing close to presenting any kind of serious problem.

In the face of new scientific evidence, does the media change its tune?  Are educational institutions teaching revised science according to the evidence?  Are politicians seeking more meaningful ways to protect the environment?  Of course not.  Groupthink is not interested in new evidence, careful evaluation or critical thinking.  Only the narrative warrants support.

All this serves to explain why Barack Hussein Obama still commands marginal support.  You see, he is the Narrative Narcissist.  If he says it, is must be true, as presupposed by Obots everywhere. 

After all, the smartest, cleanest, most articulate and confident half white/half black international darling of the new world order cannot be wrong! 

And so when he promises no boots on the ground in Syria, ever, absolutely, with finality, then indicates no boots unless it becomes necessary, the stunning illogic and drastic contradiction does not even register.  It’s as if you can hit the entire GroupThink USA crowd with a hellfire missile personally launched by Obama, with video evidence proving he pushed the button, and they’ll still worship at his throne, blaming Republicans or someone else for the carnage.

Another gem: “Raising the debt ceiling does not raise our debt.”  (Well, it’s happened 100 times, but maybe this next time will be different!) The age of incoherence driven by groupthink strikes again.  Media doesn’t even challenge this man’s delusional remarks.  He could have said “Raising the ceiling does not raise the ceiling, up is down, down is up, and Islam is a religion of peace that was instrumental in the founding of America and liberating millions of human beings down through the centuries,” and all the talking heads would smile and nod and then demonize conservatives.

Example:  The Affordable Care Act is good for America say the Conformists, but unions and businesspeople, employees and healthcare professionals now join Democrats who wrote the law to condemn it as a “disaster, a train wreck, the worst law ever, promising bankruptcy.”

Example: Gassing children in Syria requires we bomb Syria, but using chemicals to kill babies in the womb, delivering them into the dark night of a painful death, that’s a woman’s right to choose, a privacy matter, and if you disagree, you promote a War on Women.

You can easily think of a hundred more examples, such as sex education and contraception are the best ways to guide horn-dog teenagers in the paths of health, despite the fact that since the inception of these approaches, teen pregnancy, AIDS and STDs have become epidemic.

How about this one: the price of racism is massive entitlements, affirmative action, and the torture of having to listen to Sharpton and Jackson speak, and, all will be well once 13% of the population kills or muzzles the other 87%, never mind the reality that race relations are worse than ever and life in the Black community has not improved for decades.  Well done, Democrats.

Last: homosexuals live difficult, miserable lives for the most part, suffering from shortened life span, disease, suicide, emotional upheaval, psychological maladies and higher rates of adultery and disassociation, along with much higher rates of violent crime within their communities.  The groupthink PC narrative, repeated like a mantra, drones on, promoting the suffering, calling it a legitimate lifestyle worthy of general affirmation. Promoting suicide is called acceptance, tolerance, and act of love, and anyone objecting to this insanity: hate-filled homophobe.

The fanatical Left, made up of fact-free Conformists with an aversion to critical thinking, routinely ignores evidence, pushing the grim agenda behind a false narrative, demonizing any opposition, thereby revealing a complete lack of integrity. Adhering to such a position requires dumbing yourself down combined with an odd sense of egoism: the Neanderthal Narcissist so obvious in the person of BHO.

Some Obots may be having second thoughts, if groupthink allows such a thing, without penalty.  (Just remember, the PC police are always watching!  And federally funded, too!)

Image: Source: GALI-3D; Permission: Michal Hušák; Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license

Allan Erickson

Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.