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Gutfeld: Media Won’t Admit Evil Lurks In The Streets

GUTFELD: “Welcome to the world of dueling apocalypses. With the government shutdown and arrival of ObamaCare, it’s like forcing your eyes to watch two different disaster movies at once. One, though, is just a commotion, the other is a calamity.

What’s the goal of the shutdown? To force Obama to cop to two things, you granted delays to the powerful, not to the weak, putting off the employer mandate but not the individual. It’s like telling passengers to board a boat but the crew is taking a sturdier craft. It’s a little creepy.

And weren’t our leaders supposed to receive the same health care as the rest of us? Not anymore. That provision got stripped out.

So, go ahead and blame the right all you want. But with Obama, the law has been changed more times than a baby with Montezuma’s revenge.

But the real disaster is ObamaCare. The president dismisses it all as just glitches but a glitch is just a problem that happens to someone else…”

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