HOWZABOUT WORKING OUT, PUSS-N-BOOTS?: Muscle-enhancing shirt lifts and separates for men

There have been many interesting advances in clothing design recently, whether it’s wearable LED panels for runners or sweat-powered cooling fabrics. One of the latest entries is pretty much the opposite of athletic gear. It’s a wearable illusion called the Funkybod muscle top.

The top from UK-company Funkybod makes it look like the wearer has well-developed pecs earned from putting in hard work at the gym. Padding is also added to the shoulders and arms, making the shirt look a bit like those muscle-y superhero costumes. It’s marketed as a confidence-booster for both skinny guys and the man-boob set.

The company touts the technical nature of the top. It is made from microfiber, which “is combined with more breaking technology in the discreet plates used for muscle sizing, when a muscle is tensed that area will feel tense and when relaxed will behave accordingly therefore making it very hard to realize one is being worn.”

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