Slippery! Barack Obama’s Slick Revisionist History

Written by Teri O'Brien on October 30, 2013

It is an indisputable fact. Barack Obama is truly gifted. He is one of the most skillful con artists in American history. Anyone who had any doubt about that fact, need only hear his response to the outraged sparked by his serial lies about your health care coming home to roost. This is hot off the presses, folks, and it’s truly amazing.

To set this breathtaking deceit up, recall that even his enablers in the Lame Stream Media have been compelled to report that for three years, he knowingly lied, and then lied some more, repeating endlessly “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance.” That was never true, and he knew that it wasn’t when he said it. 

Yes, only the very gullible, the ignorant and extremely naive could be taken in by what was obviously impossible, unless of course, the One was going to perform the health insurance equivalent of the Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes. After all, there is no free lunch. Someone has to pay for expensive health care that they don’t get so that all those people with “pre-existing conditions,” as well as the oppressed and the downtrodden aspiring beneficiaries of Barack’s stash, can be given free stuff.

Now some of those who were hoodwinked by Obama’s slick, hopey, changey routine have been smacked by reality in the form of a one-two punch. First, the cancellation of the insurance policies they wanted to keep, followed by the presentation of the alternative, a much more expensive plan with higher deductibles. 

Let’s be clear about a couple of things. First, many people don’t realize that employer-provided health insurance came about as a common benefit when some clever person realized it was a way to circumvent World War II wage and price controls. So, it was a form of compensation, as in what a person is paid for working, designed to attract and keep desirable employees. Like health care itself, it is not, and never has been, a “human right,” no matter how many screeching leftists keep bleating that phrase. It is not something you deserve just because you are occupying space in this country, and in the case of many of the takers who will benefit from this racket, an ample amount of space, most likely on a couch, watching “Cheaters” and eating Ding Dongs.

Obamacare is the mother of all income and wealth redistribution schemes, redressing the “unfairness” that results when some people get compensation that others don’t. It’s the federal government’s function to make things “fair,” don’t you know. Second, no matter what Valerie Jarrett tweets, these insurance policies are being canceled because of the so-called Affordable Care Act; specifically, because of the regulation that determines what type of changes can be made to a policy without making it ineligible for “grandfathering.” Third, that regulation is something completely within the Executive Branch’s power to change, which is what Barack Obama would do if he wanted to live up to his promises. Of course, he doesn’t. 

Instead, he does what he always does when problems arise. Do I mean show leadership?  Try to fix the problem? Silly, Peasant! The cure for anything that ails this country, or the planet, is another Obama TelePrompTer reading in front of a background of human wallpaper! What he said today was stunning in its dishonesty, even for him. Behold his masterful ability to literally say anything in the service of socialism. Referring to the anger over canceled insurance policies, he stated:

if you had one of these substandard plans before ACA became law, and you really liked that plan, you were able to keep it. That’s what I said when I was running for office. That was part of the promise we made. But ever since the law was passed, if insurers decided to downgrade or cancel these substandard plans, what we said under the law is that you have to replace them with with quality, comprehensive coverage  [emphasis mine] cause that too was a central premise of the ACA, from the very beginning, and today that promise means that every plan in the marketplaces covers a core set of minimum benefits, like maternity care, preventive care, mental health care, prescription drug benefits and hospitalization and they can’t use allergies, or  pregnancy or a sports injury or the fact that you’re a woman to charge you more. They can’t do that any more.

You see, you may have liked that “substandard” insurance, but that’s because you don’t realize that it’s not good for you. You must have maternity care, even if you are a 60 year old man. You must have mental health coverage because chances are you might go nuts. (Who could blame you?) Barack knows what’s good for you, as in what’s good for his project to “transform” America in his socialist utopian vision. The evil insurance company “decided” to raise your premium, which gives the Regime the chance to force you to get something “better.”

Think of it this way. You may think you like your old car, which runs just fine and is fully paid for, but King Barack has declared it “substandard,” so you must purchase a “better” car, and pay not only the monthly payment for it, but several hundred extra dollars a month so that “disadvantaged” people can have cars, too.

You might ask yourself how a person can lie so blithely, how he can try to rewrite history in the face of hours of video and audio demonstrating how inconsistent his current statements are with what he told you when he was selling you a bill of goods. It’s simple. The Left lies.

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