Key to Understanding Liberals: What Makes Them Tick

Written by Rick David on October 15, 2013

This isn’t about what ticks off liberals, although it may be loosely related. What ticks liberals off is conservatives, especially Christians, expressing an opinion or position which differs from the accepted liberal position. We’re supposed to keep quiet. Why? I think my hypothesis about what motivates liberals will also explain why they think that conservatives should just “shut up.”

For the past 17 years, my wife and I have lived in Iowa City, Iowa, a Midwest Mecca of liberalism. For those of you who have never been to this part of fly over territory, Iowa City is home to the University of Iowa, a Big Ten state university. The mayor is a card carrying communist. The town is a “nuclear free” zone, but surprisingly, the University Hospital gets away with dumping nuclear waste down the drain that flows into the river. How hypocritical! There are “poor” Mexicans and Asians that actually eat the fish out of that river.

Iowa City hasn’t had a conservative congressman in decades. In the 90’s we had a Republican named Jim Leach who usually voted with the Democrats and like John McCain was a vocal critic of the Republican Party. I don’t believe that our district has had a conservative state representative in generations. It’s a Democrat stronghold that voted overwhelmingly for Obama, Kerry and Gore. Our Congressman now is Dave Loebsack, who was a political science professor at Cornell College (the little one from nearby Iowa City, not the big university in Ithaca, NY).

I once worked at Pearson (another liberal bastion) with a campaign worker of Loebsack’s who was one of his students and an outspoken communist who also served as the local Occupy Iowa City organizer. He was adept at “organizing” Iowa City’s burgeoning homeless population, who would forage through the tents of liberal students attending class during the day.

After all, in their world, what’s private property? Knowing the views of my co-worker, I can imagine what sort of liberal pabulum Professor Loebsack served up. Congressman Dave has been a sure vote for every communist initiative that Obama has advanced, including Obamacare.

Iowa City is similar to a number of Midwest Berkeley wannabes such as Madison, Lansing, and Evanston. Like its sister wannabes, the town is crowded with too many pointy headed academicians, frustrated that they didn’t get their shot at Berkeley or Harvard. One of these is a foul-mouthed, atheist rabbi who teaches a humanities class where he publicly identifies “believers” and promises to destroy their faith before the end of the semester. He has had a fair amount of success. The kids like his class because he swears like a drunken sailor, so he’s “cool.” I once worked with his ex-wife at Pearson. I never asked what led to the divorce. Perhaps she couldn’t handle the swearing.

There are some conservative and Christian organizations that attempt to make inroads at the university. I once attended a lecture by an outside scientist named Dr. Behe on the subject of irreducible complexity (the idea that certain organs, such as the eye, could not have evolved slowly over time because of the complexity necessary for their proper functioning). Dr. Behe’s hypothesis and presentation was roundly and rudely criticized by a number of university biology professors because it shot holes in the whole theory of macro-evolution, which is a foundational tenet of liberal faith. You see, they can’t have us believing that we were created by a higher intelligence because then they lose the moral high ground. That’s why they worked tirelessly to get rid of Professor Gonzalez at Iowa State, who had the temerity to present evidence of intelligent design.

A friend who attended our church was a committed Christian and also attended medical school at the University of Iowa. He was in the top of his class. He was involved with the Christian Medical Association on campus. The association once sponsored a guest researcher to present findings that the incidence of breast cancer among post-abortive women was significantly higher than the general population. His hypothesis was based upon sound reasoning that artificial terminations of the hormonal cycle in pregnancy could stimulate estrogen based tumors. The medical professors at the university were livid. Again, they could not have people believing that there are adverse consequences to a liberal feminist rite of passage. My friend was doing OB rounds with one of the professors some time later. She was praising him for his expertise and knowledge until she deduced that he was one of the students involved in recruiting this heretic to speak. She did a complete reversal and lit into him with disdain.

My wife worked as an RN at the university hospital for 16 years. Our church used to serve a free lunch to the poor at the local Wesley House. She happened to be sharing about our ministry with a co-worker who also happened to know that we were Republicans. This “educated” woman was taken aback in shocked surprise, stating, “You mean that you care about the poor. I thought that Republicans didn’t care about the poor.” Similarly, I once got involved in a discussion with a co-worker at Pearson about deficits and taxes. Her position was that we need to raise taxes to take care of the “poor.” My response was, “Why don’t you donate some of your time and money to serve the poor?” She countered that the government has to do it because people don’t care. Perhaps she was referring to herself.

Have you ever known any liberals? Their lives and families are usually out of control. That is why they want government to control everything. They remind me of the psychologist whose kids are stoned and lawless.

Have you picked up the theme here? Liberals must maintain moral superiority in order to sustain their beliefs. This is true regardless of how illogical their beliefs are. To them the “moral” position is what is popular among liberals. So tearing a living human being from a mother’s womb is moral because she must have a “choice.” Embracing Islam is to be praised because it signals that one values diversity and tolerance, which are values only appreciated by liberals. But, only certain religions should be tolerated, while others, such as Christianity, must be silenced because they are “oppressive.” Never mind that Islam enslaves women.

Yes, they must maintain the moral high ground because their beliefs are unreasonable. What really makes liberals tick is fear and insecurity. Of course, that would be so because they reject a loving and caring God and believe that government is their only source of security. How scary is that?

Rick David retired from a career in business in 2011. His experience includes service in the USAF, in medical sales and in operations for an educational testing company. He has a passion for and has been actively engaged in conservative issue advocacy and campaigning for over 30 years. He currently resides in North Liberty, Iowa where he also served as a church pastor with his wife of 43 years and travels extensively volunteering in lay ministry.