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Did You Know That The Owner of Twitter Is Linked To AlQaeda?

By , Writer for Girls Just Wanna Have Guns

I was on Twitter for about sixteen months. I started using Twitter at the  suggestion of a popular Conservative who said something about Conservatives  needing to be there and on other “Social Media outlets” because that’s where we  “take the fight to” the opposition (progressives/liberals).

I fell for it for a while. I’m not saying that the Conservative who  said it was trying to make me “fall for” something. Quite the opposite, I’m  sure. However, I am saying that it’s something that, when I thought about and  did some research into it, I decided was the exact WRONG thing to do.


 Thinking about it and looking into it, I decided that “Social  Media” sites were not for me because in using them I am lending my name to the  owners of those sites.

Facebook’s owner most of us are familiar with.

Twitter’s major owner is Prince Alwaleed bin Talal and using Twitter means that  I lend my name (thus my credibility, my association) to someone who supports  suicide bombers and beheadings and his company suggests terrorists for Twitter users to follow. Add to that the fact  that he supported building the Ground Zero Mosque and after  “donating” money to 9/11 relief, ”[T]he prince issued a press release blaming the 9/11 attacks on  American support for Israel — while, as Alwaleed’s statement read, “our  Palestinian brethren continue to be slaughtered at the hands of the Israelis.”