MILEY VIRUS: Miley dresses up as Michele Bachmann on SNL and twerks up against a half-naked ‘Boehner’

Published on October 7, 2013

Teen star-turned-bad girl Miley Cyrus has shocked the world again, this time appearing in the form of a twerking Michele Bachmann, mocking the federal government shutdown on Saturday Night Live.

Miley’s skit featured the 20-year-old pop singer dancing in skimpy clothing in parody of her new song, ‘We Can’t Stop’ – portraying the conservative Tea Party politician for a video titled ‘We Did Stop The Government.’

SNL castmember Taran Killiam played House Speaker John Boehner and pranced around with Cyrus in his tightie-whiteys and a white wife-beater shirt.

They are both singing lyrics like ‘this is our House, this is our rules and we did stop (the government)’ and ‘if you’re not ready for healthcare can we get a hell no, cuz we’re gonna keep it shut down. DC is a closed town.’

The former presidential candidate Bachmann was involved in a scandal earlier this week when Iowa state Senator Kent Sorenson resigned after a special investigator found it likely he violated ethics rules by taking money from political entities connected her, and then denying he’d done so.

Democrats say Speaker Boehner and his Republican colleagues in the House forced government shutdown in an attempt to defund ObamaCare, the health care law passed almost entirely by Democrats in 2009. 

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