Miss World 2013: Pro-Family and Pro-Life Beauty

Written by Wes Walker on October 16, 2013

In sharp contrast to some really embarrassing beauty pageant gaffes that some of you may remember, Miss World (from the Philippines) really has it together.

In an interview, she’s asked a public policy question about her nation’s “Reproductive Health” (“RH”) Law.

How she fielded that question should stand as an example to so many politically-correct cowards we see in the West. Her answer did not die the death of a thousand qualifications.  She spoke directly, with confidence, and as someone who had given such issues some reasonable thought.

In one 90 second interview, she addressed questions on transgendered pageant contestants, abortion, contraception, divorce, fidelity in marriage, self-respect and unmarried sex.

And, she took a moment to explain how someone as attractive as herself manages to remain celibate.

Full credit to this lady.  She’s a spectacular counter-example to the tedious skanky Hollywood types.

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