MRS. F-BOMB : Teacher recorded cussing out classroom after being heckled over the term ‘African-American’

Published on October 11, 2013

A teacher at a Los Angeles-area high school is on paid leave as administrators investigate her profanity-laden outburst in class this week.

That outburst happened Wednesday at the new Humanities and Art (HArts) Academy, located on the Narbonne High School campus in Harbor City.

The teacher was being heckled by a student in the middle of the lesson when she broke down.

‘I know my f****** shit. Don’t f*** with that. I’m tired of trying to educate you and you guys resist every step of the f****** way. Get the f*** out of here.’

The student heckler recorded the outburst, and it has since went viral online.

The unidentified teacher in question was placed on paid leave, and has since issued an apology in the Daily Breeze.

‘You know, I had a weak moment,’ she said. ‘Forgive me.’ 

The teacher explained that she was in the middle of a lecture about how the term ‘African-American’ can be a misnomer when a student started heckling her.

She says that though her family traces its roots back to Italy, she doesn’t call herself an ‘Italian-American’.

‘You’re an American first,’ she said.

But the student who started heckling her insisted that she was wrong.

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