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Obama-Loving Media Continues to Shield the Lord of the Lies

We live modern life in digital snap shots. They come with such speed, our vision is blurred, our memories are impaired, our sense of reality, warped.   It is a situation made worse by partisan media unwilling to help people see straight.

Not long ago, Obama actually said raising the debt ceiling will not increase the debt. NO ONE in the MSM challenged that idiotic statement. A few days later, the ceiling was raised. Guess what? The debt increased enormously, as it always does, this time, $328 BILLION in one day, a record!

We now owe $17 TRILLION, short term. This is a record.  It is staggering. The only solution so far offered by administration geniuses in Washington: have the Fed print fiat currency, pumping billions of dollars per month into the economy in a desperate attempt to hold off the inevitable.  Real solutions, Mr. Obama? His answer: ‘We don’t negotiate with terrorist Republicans in the House who hold the American people hostage.” (Valerie Jarrett’s translation: It’s payback time, the politics of revenge unleashed without fear of reprisal.)

We owe something like $100 TRILLION long term. Crushing debt. Insurmountable. Financial collapse, coming right up! ObamaCare simply accelerates the process.  Who then are the real hostage takers?

The entire shutdown/debt ceiling/default “controversy” was an illusion, a manufactured “crisis”. The government did not shut down. A 17% slim down is not a shut down.  Aside from the president insulting and abusing WWII vets, did anybody notice real impacts from the government slim down?  The government continued paying bills, spying on citizens, abusing opponents using the IRS, accommodating illegals, and stonewalling the Benghazi investigation.

These whacko birds in Congress always raise the ceiling. Had we gone past the deadline, the U.S. would not have defaulted. There is plenty of income to cover interest payments, hence no default, buying time to sort this out, reasonably.

What about all the hysterical predictions of doom by Democrats, accompanied by accusations Republicans were forcing a global economic catastrophe?  All BS of course. The rest of the world is already making other plans, knowing America will tank, sooner rather than later.

Republicans simply folded, again.  Instead of fighting the real enemy, most Republicans determined Ted Cruz worthy of condemnation.  Instead of rallying to support the only guy with vision and guts, Republicans surrendered to the Democrats, licking Obama’s wingtips right after he stomped their faces in public.

There are credible reasons to believe the entire charade was engineered and orchestrated by the White House. Why? Two essential reasons: one, the “crisis” was floated to distract away from Obama’s serial failures and multiplying scandals; and two, a good crisis is always useful to demonize Republicans to gain ground leading up to elections next year.  In Obama’s mind, goaded by co-communists Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod, politics is war, winning is everything, even if you destroy the country in the process.

The majority of Americans fell for it, showing they’ve learned nothing in the last five years, deceived once again by the MSM and traitors in the Democrat Party, people who will say anything to stay in power, knowing there is no such thing as accountability any longer.

Here is a great example of blatant lies going unchallenged by the press. Fact: Obama engineered sequester cuts, the ones he pushed and installed.  Later, he decried his own sequester cuts, blaming Republicans. When it was reported those cuts resulted in deficit reduction, Obama tried to take credit.  Do you folks recognize the man who speaks with forked tongue?  One must admit, Obama is a great deceiver: Lord of the Lies.

We used to have an adversarial press, necessary to the healthy functioning of this republic, because someone must hold the powerful accountable. An adversarial press does not exist any longer. Instead the media whores for the pimp in the White House. The MSM flashes snap shots and holds up cue cards, and Obots dutifully recite their lines, blinded by the darkness.

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Allan Erickson

Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.

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