Hey Preppers: Being Prepared Is Not All About The Stuff It’s About YOU

Written by Patrick Estebe on October 30, 2013

By Patrick Estebe in General Security

A great many concerned citizens have bought emergency equipment, firearms and ammunition. Some others have even made contingency plans would the principle of law give way to the principle of force in times of crisis. Others have acquired firearms for self defense, and when mandatory also have a concealed weapon permit. In most cases concerned people have acquired what they could possibly need and believe they are ready comes hell or high water. Many could be mistaken; to have the right stuff is not enough. In fact in the world of security, to be is more important than to have. One must be absolutely proficient with his firearms and equipment. One must be trained, one must be prepared, one must be alert without being nervous or paranoid.

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Patrick Estebe offers an unconventional approach to security issues. He has created a Multidimensional Security System based on insight and creativity, which allows him to organize individuals and teams capable of handling a wide range of acute situations. These situations include crucial VIP security, critical defense of airports, seaports and megayachts. As a Captain in the French Marines then Inspector in the Intelligence Service (in charge of counter-terrorism units), Patrick Estebe had the opportunity to experience the power and limitations of a linear approach to security.