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Radical Leftists vs. Decent Folks: Will There Be Blood?

Shove is coming to slap, stab and shoot.  All hell is going to break loose.  This is precisely what the Left wants: an excuse to take over.

Almost three years ago I attended a meeting hosted by newly-elected Rep. Daniel Webster in Florida.  Webster, a successful businessman, father, grandfather and respected state legislator had just been elected to the House, defeating incumbent Alan Grayson, a witless thug from New York, big promoter of ObamaCare, the colossal disaster of the decade.
The meeting was held in Orlando, the purpose being to inform constituents about debt and deficit at the federal level. Webster had built a solid reputation for many years as a gentleman, effective leader, and bipartisan problem-solver.

Within minutes of the start of this meeting, several men in the audience began shouting, calling Webster a liar. The Congressman was not able to get a word in, and others in the audience could not hear him in any case.  Without exaggeration, Webster tried to speak for 30 minutes only to be interrupted by these men each and every time he started a sentence.  It was one of the most horrendous displays I’ve ever witnessed.

Finally, I could take no more.  I stood to confront these men, shouting at them as loudly as they shouted at Webster.  One of the men made a move toward me with clenched fists.  Others in the audience joined me against these saboteurs.  Finally, police showed up but the disruptions quelled for only a short time. Soon, the men were back at it.  I confronted them again, and again, the police restored order. Later, I learned at least two of them had worked on the Grayson campaign, obvious plants.   The Australian seated next to me leaned over to say, “They want violence.  They actually want physical violence.”  I added: “But only if they can blame it on us.”

Webster went on to win re-election. Grayson jumped to another district and snookered the voters there.

You may remember Grayson’s television commercial when he ran against Webster, one of the slimiest pieces of political propaganda ever aired, a piece filled with such outlandish lies, even CNN’s Anderson Cooper called Grayson a liar to his face.

Here is the commercial and Grayson being grilled  by another reporter over his gross misrepresentations.

Here is the scumbag recently, joining the rest of the hyenas, condemning the Tea Party, comparing it to the KKK. This is the same venomous imp, during a House healthcare debate, who accused Republicans of wanting people to die.

Grayson is only one of many Democrats willing to say anything to gain political advantage.  As we’ve seen in recent years, and especially in recent months, the actual endorsement of violence and killing frequents many discussions about the Tea Party or any conservative willing to disagree with the Obama regime.  Dissent is being criminalized.

Now we have Democrats and actually calling for the arrest of Republican leaders, insisting they be prosecuted for having an opinion and for exercising their constitutional rights: American fascism on parade.  Aside from Cher and some actor actually calling for violence and murder directed at Tea Party individuals and Sen. Ted Cruz, here you have one of the programmed robots on MSKGB comparing Cruz to cultist David Koresh.  It has become something beyond bizarre.

Celebrities, media talking heads, politicians and others who participate in verbal violence are bad enough, but those same people who actually encourage physical violence and killing, they are the ones who should face criminal charges. They are the real haters.  They are the real traitors.

If they persist, like the Grayson operatives in Orlando, we will have violence, because they insist on escalation, launching serial assaults with increasing ferocity.

Our response will be purely self-defense, measured, and adequate.

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Allan Erickson

Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.