The Right to Not Bear Arms and a Naked TA

Written by S.C. Sherman on October 26, 2013

It’s been a strange week of news in Iowa. As I pondered what to write for my contribution to Clash Daily, two articles caught my eye. I try to keep it edgy because I know that’s how “Big Doug” likes things around here. I also try to find something not being written about by everyone else. Obamacare is a flop etc..has dominated this week.

I’m especially fond of local stories that I feel the national readership might enjoy. This week in Iowa a family in Des Moines endured an armed home invasion and a University of Iowa Teaching Assistant accidentally emailed nude pictures of herself to 80 of her students … ouch!

I thought both were interesting enough to write about, but what do they have in common? Nothing. I just think the TA accidentally emailing her naughty pictures is hilarious.

I mean, now she has to go to class and face all of her college-aged students and try to teach them math. Yikes! That should be fun. The University is, of course, looking into it. They do believe the email was an accident as the woman in question doesn’t have a history of sending porn to her students. It appears to be a genuine case of “what did I save that attachment as?” What was it? Was it Math Study Guide Answers or Naked pictures of myself?

I wonder if she will get fired or promoted? Maybe they will just move her to a different department and give her a class of her own. How about, Nude Art and Technology or Loving Someone Digitally or maybe Hot for Math? The University has asked the students to delete the pictures immediately and not to share them with anyone else. Riiiiight. I’m sure none of them shared them with anyone.

And now for the home invasion story.

It was pretty scary I would assume. A suburban couple had just settled in to watch a nice chick flick for the evening. Their teenaged son was up in his room. Suddenly, five masked and armed men burst up from the basement having broken in through a window or something and crept upstairs. They pointed their guns and ordered the couple to the floor. They went upstairs and did the same to the boy. The bandits stole a variety of electronics and small items and eventually left. Three of them have been arrested already. Apparently, they were local teens and at least one of them may have been in the house before.

Why mention this? Seemingly, a non-story. No one was hurt; they didn’t steal much, or rape or kill anyone. It even looks like they are being rounded up by the police. So why talk about it when we could be talking about the nude TA? This family believes in the Second Amendment. They had the right NOT to bear any arms and they didn’t. They had no weapons to fight back with that I’m aware of. The husband attempted to lay on his wife to shield her from harm. If that is how some Americans want to live … it’s their prerogative to do so. I just choose a different way.

The right to bear arms allows for you not to bear any arms as much as it allows me to bear them. I choose not to rely upon the good nature of my attackers to only take a laptop and an X-box. This story is in Des Moines, Iowa, not Chicagoland. How much safer can you be than tucked in under a blanket with your wife at eight o’clock watching a movie in the Suburbian Heartland? Not much, but nevertheless, armed thugs entered that world this week! What if they had intended more harm than interrupting movie night? What was to keep them from beating the crap out of the son upstairs or maybe to do worse with the wife or perhaps kill them all? Nothing.

These attackers knew this house. One of them probably cased it and was even inside once before. My question is this. What if the thugs knew this home contained an armed family? What if everyone knew they had weapons, liked weapons, and would use them to protect themselves? Do you think they would have been targeted? I don’t. Unarmed people are easy to subdue and rob. Armed people are not.

Morals from today’s message:
1-Make sure all high school friends of your kids/would be thugs know you’re an armed home.
2-Actually be an armed home.
3-Stay armed even while watching Pride and Prejudice with the honey.
4-Double check what you have attached to emails.
5-Be sure to whom you are sending the email prior to actually hitting SEND! As of yet, there is no UNSEND button.

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S.C. Sherman
S.C. Sherman grew up a farm kid in rural Iowa. He graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Communications Studies. Steve is a business owner, and recently ran for Iowa State House of Representatives.. S.C. enjoys political commentary and great stories. He has written three fiction novels found at He currently lives with his wife and four children in North Liberty, Iowa.