SCHOOL NAZIS: Mom’s ticked after her healthy 11-year-old daughter is sent home with a letter from school branding her OBESE

Published on October 7, 2013

A mother has hit out at her daughter’s school after the athletic teen was sent home with a letter saying she was ‘overweight’.

Lilly Grasso, all 5’5”, 124 pounds of her, is nowhere near overweight and is a healthy, active teenager.

But Naples (FL) Middle School sent a letter to her home warning of the dangers of obesity, according to her mother Kristen Grasso.

‘Lily is tall, athletic, solid muscle — by no means is she overweight,’ the concerned mother toldWFTX before showing a refrigerator stocked with healthy foods.

The letter, sent after a health screening by the Collier County Health Department, cited her body mass index (BMI) as the reason she’s considered obese. These notices have been derisively referred to across the country as ‘fat letters.’

A baffled Kristen Grasso was at odds with the message being sent to young girls when a healthy child is being labeled as fat, she told the station.

‘My concern is kids that see the results of this test that may be classified as overweight that aren’t, and the self-esteem issues that they may get,’ she explained.

The middle school volleyball player has a BMI of 22, which resulted in her being labeled as overweight by the county health department, according to the letter.

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