SEBELIUS: “Obama Did Not Know” Sucked Like A Lamprey

Published on October 23, 2013

SANJAY GUPTA, CNN: Did you try signing on the site yourself?

KATHLEEN SEBELIUS, HHS SECRETARY: I have created an account on the site. I have not tried signing up because I have insurance.

GUPTA: Did you find it challenging? What did you think of it?

SEBELIUS: Well, I think there certainly are some challenges. It could be smoother. It could be easier to access. And that’s really what we’re working on.

GUPTA: Did you let people —

SEBELIUS: Nobody says the site is working the way we want it to. Certainly, the president acknowledged yesterday no one could be more frustrated than I am and this isn’t smooth. People are signing up every day. People have available coverage and no one, I think it’s important to say, Sanjay, is losing coverage now. The earliest the plans start is January 1st. If you sign up by the 15th of December, you will have coverage on day one. So, people are frustrated with a website, but the product is there. The prices are good. It will not sellout and the prices won’t change.

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