SICK OF MILEY: Miley Cyrus’ back-up dancer left ‘shaking and crying’ after VMA performance

Published on October 12, 2013

Whether she was stripping to her underwear or  twerking with giant teddy bears, Miley Cyrus left many in shock after her  performance at the VMA’s in August.

But it seems no one was more shocked than one  of her very own back-up dancers.

Los Angeles-based performer  Hollis Jane, who refers to herself as a little person, revealed on her blog: ‘I was  a bear in Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance and. . . for the first time I felt truly  ashamed of being a little person.

‘I will be the first one to tell you that standing on that stage, in that costume was one of the most degrading  things I  felt like I could ever do,’ she said, singling out another offense to add to Miss Cyrus’  recent controversies —  one based on size.

Miss Jane, who has been  attempting to be a professional actress for the past three years, said that when  she was asked to audition for the signer’s tour, she was ‘incredibly  hesitant’. 

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