SOMETHING’S FISHY: Hannah Anderson’s Relative Breaks Silence in New Book; Says Hannah’s Behavior Is Disturbing After Mom/Brother Murdered

Published on October 23, 2013

Her conduct in the months since her rescue from the family friend who kidnapped her and allegedly murdered her mother and brother has been the subject of intense scrutiny.

Now, MailOnline can reveal, members of Hannah Anderson’s own family are confused by the 16-year-old’s behaviour in the aftermath of the brutal double murder and her kidnap, with one branding it, ‘downright disturbing.’

Jennifer Willis, Hannah’s great-aunt, has broken her silence in a soon to be published book, ‘The River of No Return: On the Trail of Hannah Anderson and Jim DiMaggio.’

Speaking to author and criminal profiler, Chelsea Hoffman, Mrs Willis admitted: ‘We haven’t seen her grieve at all.

‘It’s not the Hannah we know. It’s downright disturbing.’

Mrs Willis was so close to her niece Christina that the women were, she said, ‘more like sisters.’  Revealing her own profound pain in the aftermath of Christina and Ethan’s killings she said: ‘I can hardly breathe most of the time.’

She and several other relatives admitted to being deeply troubled by Hannah’s apparent lack of grief and string of outlandish, often sexually precocious, postings on social media, according to Hoffman.

On the day of her mother and brother’s funeral she tweeted pictures of herself and a friend, fingers posed like guns, with the hastag ‘true-thugs’.

And the very day that the teenager spoke fully for the first time, reliving the ordeal of being forced to play Russian Roulette while hearing her brother crying from another room – on the Today show, she posted images of herself with a male friend, pouting, giggling and ‘twerking’ her New York hotel room.

While Hannah was there, she excitedly posted pictures on her Instagram account, including several close-ups of Miley Cyrus’ live performance.

Two days ago she boasted online that her grandmother, with whom Hannah now lives, allowed her boyfriend to sleep over and pictured him shirtless and making her scrambled eggs for breakfast.

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