A SPECIAL PLACE IN HELL: Mom gets 54yrs in prison for sexually abusing her children

Published on October 31, 2013

An Oviedo mother who sexually abused her children and produced pornography of the acts was sentenced to 54 years in federal prison Monday — more than twice as much time she was hoping to receive as part of her plea deal.

Prosecutors said Sarah and Jonathan Adleta made having sex with their two children a part of their parenting plan, and even after they divorced, the abuse continued.

Sarah Adleta pleaded guilty to two charges in May and testified against her ex-husband during his graphic trial last month.

Adleta also performed sex acts on her children while another man, Aaron Dixon, watched via Skype.

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On Monday, Sarah’s sentencing hearing was, at times, as disturbing as her ex-husband’s trial.

Mental health counselor Cherilyn Rowland Petrie testified that the Adletas’ daughter, who was 4 years old when the FBI arrested the parents, was malnourished, not toilet-trained, was at the developmental level of an 18-month old, and had “sexualized” behaviors.

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