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TREE-HUMPERS: NBC Cancels NRA-sponsored Hunting Show because host kills an elephant

NBC Sports Network has decided to cancel a hunting show after the host, a lobbyist for the National Rifle Association, likened his critics to Adolf Hitler.

The network sparked outrage after airing an episode of Tony Makris’s show, ‘Under Wild Skies,’ in which Makris kills an African elephant by shooting it in the face and then celebrates the hunt by drinking champagne.

In response to his critics, Makris went on an NRA-sponsored radio show and accused them of ‘animal racism’ for jumping to the defense of elephants as opposed to other animals. 

‘And [critics] said but they’re so big and special and they’re smarter. And I went, you know, Hitler would have said the same thing,’ he said.

NBC Sports has canceled ‘Under Wild Skies’ as a result of his remarks.

‘”Under Wild Skies” will no longer air on NBC Sports Sports Network due to the program’s close association with its host, whose recent comments comparing his critics to Hitler are outrageous and unacceptable,’ the network told Deadspin in a statement. ‘NBCSN will continue to air all of our other quality outdoor programming.’

The episode where Makris kills an elephant is filmed in Botswana, where elephant hunting remains legal until 2014, when a new law against hunting the endangered animals kicks into effect.

In a highlighted reel from the show, Makris and the guide are shown hiding behind brush about 20 feet away from the animal. They talk about shooting it in the face before Makris fires a couple shots.

‘I’m bent over literally shootin’ through a hole in the trees,’ he says to the guide, just before firing the two shots.

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