VERBOTTEN: Protester wearing ‘Stop Spying’ clown shades is ARRESTED at hearing on NSA scandal

Published on October 30, 2013

An activist with the anti-war pressure group Code Pink was arrested Tuesday after interrupting a House Intelligence Committee hearing with a protest sign, according to the group’s president Medea Benjamin.

Barry Tighe, a Tucson native whom independent media reports have called a full-time protester and former theatre set-builder, held a sign reading ‘Stop Spying On Us’ before committee chairman Mike Rogers, a Michigan Republican, asked Capitol Police officers to remove him.

Rogers had cautioned the gallery about interrupting the proceedings.

‘I listened to your opening statement,’ Barry was heard complaining. ‘You said nothing about signs.’

Benjamin, who leads the group of 250 usually pink-clad activists, who are mostly female, tweeted the news of Barry’s arrest.

Barry is a frequent Code Pink protester and a fixture in Washington, D.C., most recently interrupting a September Capitol Hill hearing on U.S. military intervention in Syria.

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