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WATCH: Terrifying Dashcam Video Captures Moment Army Reservist with 3 Kids in the Car Gets in Shootout with Police

A dashboard camera in a state trooper’s car has captured the dramatic moment a father taking his children on a road trip pulled out a gun and shot an officer who then returned fire and killed him.

John Van Allen, 34, was driving with three of his children when he was pulled over on Interstate 84 east of Portland, Oregon by Trooper Matt Zistel, 26, for speeding.

But what was supposed to be a routine traffic stop soon escalated into violence when Van Allen emerged from the car and, despite Zistel urging him to get back inside, pulled out a gun.

The dramatic footage was released to The Oregonian after a public information request from the paper following the August 29 death.

‘Please sit back in the car for me, you were speeding,’ Zistel can be heard telling Van Allen. ‘Sir, get back in the car for me now. Sir, please get back in the car for me. You were speeding.’

But Van Allen moves quickly towards Zistel before shooting at him several times. He then moves around the police car’s hood, still firing.

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