WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD: CNN Reporter, Obama’s People Can Be ‘Nasty,’ Willing to ‘Threaten Your Job’

Published on October 25, 2013


On Wednesday morning, CNN Newsroom anchorCarol Costello made a rather stunning, if cryptic, revelation. In discussing the firing of national security official Jofi Joseph, Costello agreed with panelist Jason Johnson that the Obama administration can be thin-skinned, and said that “President Obama’s people can be quite nasty. They don’t like you to say anything bad about their boss, and they’re not afraid to use whatever means they have at hand to stop you from doing that, including threatening your job.”

Johnson’s reaction to the firing was that “we had to see more of the tweets. It’s kind of inappropriate, so I can understand him being fired. But the Obama administration is very thin-skinned.”

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