WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT: Public University Teaches Students how to Perform Anal Sex, Use C*ck Rings and Other Sex Toys

Published on October 21, 2013

(Content Warning: Sexually Explicit) The University of Maryland (UMD) hosted a sex workshop on Tuesday, in which student attendees were given explicit instructions on how to perform a number of sex acts using sex toys and “fetish gear.” In the exclusive Campus Reform video, Jessica VonDyke, the owner of a local Washington D.C., sex shop called The Garden, appears instructing students on a number of racy topics including the proper use of sex toys, hygiene, lube, and prostate play. This workshop was funded by the university, which receives federal and state taxypayer funds.

“It’s also good for prostate play, you can put it in people’s butts,” VonDyke told students, brandishing a  a large sterling silver object.

“Items like this, which are actually kind of like art pieces, like you could totally leave this out on the coffee table when your mom comes over and she would never know,” she said.

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