The World’s Biggest Lie Isn’t ‘The Check is in the Mail…’

Written by Marilyn Assenheim on October 13, 2013

Rush Limbaugh refers to The Lyin’ King as “The Man-Child President.” The president’s willful, irresponsible and self-indulgent behavior over the House’s refusal to let him get away with shoving Obamacare down the nation’s throat, while he lies about it, demonstrates that the Limbaugh moniker is only half right; and there are children that might be offended at the comparison.

FOX News reported Saturday that negotiations between the House and The Lyin’ King have “stalled.” Politico stated: “Obama rejected the speaker’s effort (Saturday) to lift the debt ceiling for six weeks and reopen government while setting up a budget negotiating process.” John Boehner’s House had, wisely, divested a temporary debt ceiling limit from Obamacare. The Lyin’ King didn’t like that. He wanted a photo op; the House wanted an adult solution. So, no deal.

The Senate also rejected the latest Republican compromise, put forward by “moderate” Republican Senator from Maine, Susan Collins. FOX explained why: “The plan … to fund the government for six months and increase the federal debt limit through January was rejected by leaders of the Democrat-led Senate, who purportedly thought they were not getting enough in exchange.” They weren’t getting enough in exchange? Not getting enough to temporarily stave off another Democrat-fashioned disaster, to be visited upon 300,000,000 people, within 5 days? So much for a government for the people.

The Lyin’ King, and by extension his acolytes in the Senate, have no intention of negotiating with the House. The Lyin’ King and his toadies in the Senate have refused countless options presented by the House to finance the government while negotiations are established to produce an end to the current government funding crisis. It should not surprise anyone that The Lyin’ King is entirely to blame for this and any ensuing misery. Breitbart cited John Podesta, former chief of staff to Bill Clinton, on Saturday: “…Obama will ‘be viewed as a guy who you can hold up’ if he gives any concessions at all on the debt ceiling.” An egomaniac just can’t have that.

It is The Lyin’ King that chooses which catastrophes to inflict on America until he gets his own way; even though what he chooses is often unconstitutional; an exaggerated version of a petulant brat holding his breath until his face turns blue. But this time The Lyin’ King is choking America until our faces turn blue. He wants what he wants and America be damned while he mendaciously blames Republicans for his obstinacy. The surprise is that anyone would believe, at this point in the Fraud-In-Chief’s career, that Republicans are to blame for this impasse.

Clearly, the Democrat ruling class believes that “negotiation” translates as “Republicans give in and give me everything I want.” A duplicitous president, Senate, MSM and RINOs are doing everything in their power to make their lies a reality. But the people don’t seem to be buying the lie. The Obamacare stalemate is making The Lyin’ King’s regime bleed. He can assert, at the top of his lungs, “the check is in the mail” but America is, at long last, demanding cash.

Let’s hope the House is paying attention.

Marilyn Assenheim
Marilyn Assenheim was born and raised in New York City. She spent a career in healthcare management although she probably should have been a casting director. Or a cowboy. A serious devotee of history and politics, Marilyn currently lives in the NYC metropolitan area.