ADIOS MUCHACHOS: Three Gun Companies Quit NY

Published on November 6, 2013


Nearly 10 months since New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D.) signed the SAFE Act, opposition to the law continues to increase, three gun companies have announced plans to leave the state, and a key provision in the law has been quietly delayed.

American Tactical Imports is the third gun company to announce it would be leaving the state and will be investing $2.7 million in its new facility and creating 117 new jobs in South Carolina.

Meanwhile, a provision of the law requiring background checks on ammunition purchases has been delayed. Background checks were expected to be functional on Jan. 15.

The New York State Police asked the Free Beacon to submit questions after being asked for comment. They did not respond by press time.

It is unclear why ammunition background checks have been delayed and when they will be functional. The number of arrests that have been made under the SAFE Act, and how many of those arrests involved those with criminal backgrounds, also remains unknown.

When Gov. Cuomo signed the law he said it would allow authorities to track ammunition purchases in real time.

Gov. Cuomo’s office did not respond to a request for comment.

Additionally, opposition to the law appears to be growing.

Harold ‘Budd’ Schroeder, chairman of the board of the Shooters Committee on Political Education, said his group’s membership has swelled to 6,000 from its previous 3,000. He said these are “volumes” he has never seen before.

“I’ve been involved in the Second Amendment for four decades, and this is something that I have never seen,” Schroeder said. “It has really gotten under the skin of legal gun owners.”

He said his group has sold over 14,000 “Repeal the SAFE Act” signs since June.

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