ALBATROSS: Six Reasons ObamaCare Will Only Get Worse For Democrats

Published on November 11, 2013

By Ed Rogers

Here are six reasons that Obamacare will only get worse for the Democrats:

  1. There will be more canceled health insurance plans.  Every day, more and more Americans are receiving cancellation notices for plans they liked and wanted to keep.  And every day, they continue to hear administration officials and their Democratic allies insist that the president didn’t lie about people being able to keep their health insurance plans.  Dissatisfaction with Obamacare grows exponentially as people witness family members and colleagues being victimized by the “big lie.”
  2. If you like your doctor, you can’t keep your doctor.  Soon the story will break through that a lot of Americans will be losing access to their doctors and will be forced to pick one approved by Obamacare.  Health-care plans are instituting very restrictive provider networks to try to keep down costs in the face of astronomically rising premiums.  In New Hampshire, for instance, only 16 of the state’s 26 hospitals will be in the network of exchange plans approved by Obamacare.  The reaction of voters losing, in some cases, the person who has been their doctor for years could be worse for Democrats than what we are currently seeing in the involuntary loss of insurance plans.
  3. Sticker shock.  Prices for health-care plans are not coming down for many voters.  Once the Web site starts working and Americans can “shop around” for their new health insurance plans as the president instructed they should do, they are going to experience sticker shock.  Premiums and deductibles will be going up for millions of hardworking Americans who can’t afford these increases – especially for coverage they don’t need or want.
  4. Obamacare ads.  Throughout the 2014 campaign, Republicans will use footage of Democrats repeating the “big lie” in ads targeting Democrats.  The search is on for news clips, town-hall meeting videos, and other instances where Democrats have committed on the record and on video that “if you like your health plan, you can keep it.”

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