BREAK ON THROUGH TO THE OTHER SIDE: Jim Morrison’s Druggy Journal on Sale for $320,000

Published on November 25, 2013

A never-seen-before notebook containing the last drug-fuelled ramblings of tragic rock icon Jim Morrison is for sale for ($320,000) £200,000.

The philosophical musings were scrawled by the Doors’ frontman in the weeks leading up to his mysterious death in a bathtub in 1971 aged just 27.

The notebook contains more than 100 pages of bizarre nonsensical writings and poems by Morrison, the troubled genius behind hit songs Riders on the Storm and Light My Fire.

Morrison scribbled the notes after moving to Paris to join his girlfriend Pamela Courson shortly after recording the Doors’ last album LA Woman.

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Experts have hailed the contents of the leather notebook as a window into the mind of the deep-thinking singer, known for his drug abuse, in the run-up to his death.

It is being sold by rock star Graham Nash of folk supergroup Crosby, Stills and Nash fame.

The opening page of the book reads: ‘Sometimes I feel as if there’s a vast guerrilla war going on for the mind of man, com. against com., cap. x cap., artist x artist.

‘And the stakes are huge.

‘Will we spoil the best secrets of life or will we help to free a new kind of man?’

Other entries are equally profound and apparently meaningless.

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