WHAT A COINCIDENCE: Valerie Jarrett’s Daughter and Hubby Work for Company that Receives $653 Million for Obamacare

Published on November 12, 2013

At this point this is still speculation with little confirmation, however it is highly suspect. I urge anyone to look further into this for more info.

*Note Balkisson is not the PM’s son, as written below, but rather an MP’s son. … B.

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Now we know why a company in Canada got the contract for Obamacare::::::

“Michael D. Harbison via Dutch Valkema

Dutch Valkema

Valerie Jarrett’s daughter MARRIES the son of Canadian PM who chose the IT firm for Obamacare healthcare.gov website for $653M


$653 Million Dollar wedding present. We Americans paid for it!!!

Obama attends wedding of Toronto Liberal MPP’s son | Toronto Star


Liberal MPP Bas Balkissoon’s son has married the daughter of one of President Barack Obama’s closest friends and advisers.

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