DOG ‘LOVER’ KILLS DOGS: Animal Rights Exec Kills Herself and 31 Dogs

Published on November 10, 2013

An animal rights executive has been found dead in her Ohio garage, along with 31 dogs she had rescued, in an apparent suicide.

A friend of Sandy Lertzman discovered her body inside the garage of her Moreland Hills home on Monday. The engine of the car was still running.

Friends of the 62-year-old mother, who had dedicated her life to saving animals, believe she killed the dogs out of concern for their future.

Police found vials of prescription pills inside the vehicle and an apparent suicide note, which has not been made public, was inside her home.

The executive director of the Animal Rights Foundation, who was married and had a 20-year-old son named Matthew,was last seen on Sunday.

One of the puppies in the car with Mrs Lertzman managed to escape from a small opening in the garage. It is being cared for by her husband, Rick.

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