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DOGS RULE: 20 Amazing Facts That Prove You Need A Dog In Your Life

1. They empathize With Human Pain

 Source: livescience.comGoldsmiths College released a study that showed more dogs will approach someone who’s crying or in distress than someone who is not. This shows that dogs are empathetic and are eager to help comfort humans in pain.

2. They can detect cancer

 Source: philly.comDue to their incredible sense of smell, dogs have shown anywhere from 70 to 99% accuracy (depending on the study) when tasked with detecting lung cancer in a nearby patient.

3. They reduce work stress

 Source: dogspired.comThe International Journal of Workplace Health Management has discovered that workers who bring their dog to their office have less stress and are happier with their job, simply because the dog is hanging around.

4. Detect Seizures Before They Happen

 Source: dogsseizuresblog.netRecent research has shown certain dogs are able to warn seizure patients that they’re going to experience an attack, sometimes hours before it happens. Nobody yet knows how they do it, or why only certain dogs can do it. They also can’t be trained to do it, so if you feel you need a seizure-sniffing dog, you need to make sure you have yourself a natural.

5. Help Babies Stay Healthy By Being Dirty

 Source: dogster.comA recent study has shown that babies with dogs are actually healthier than those without dogs, reporting fewer coughs, runny noses, and ear infections. The reason, researchers believe, is because dogs will track in dirt, mud, and other germ-infested bits of earth, thereby boosting the child’s immune system.

6. Help You Stay In Shape


 Source: rei.comA study from the University Of London has determined that kids with dogs are more active, and exercise more often, than kids without dogs. After all, it’s a lot more fun and interesting to go jogging with your dog than alone, which can only help with motivation.

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