Evil Concoction: Government Under Obama Brewing Tyranny

Written by Rick David on November 27, 2013

Harry Reid’s naked power grab served as a temporary distraction this week from the debacle of Obama Care. The Democrats reversed the long-standing Senate rule requiring a 60 vote majority for cloture of debate. For now, it’s limited to confirmation of judicial appointments. Don’t be surprised if they expand the rule change to legislation. My first reaction was to think that we can count on the Republican leaders to reverse the rule change as soon as they regain the majority. We can count on Mitch McConnell and John McCain to only do what is “fair.”

Having observed the past five years of governing by the Obama administration and having my own suspicions regarding Obama’s motivations, I think that the power grab in the Senate is just another step in an overarching plan to eliminate all opposition to their rule. My memories recall more than one warning from old survivors of the Third Reich that much of what is happening in America today is reminiscent of Hitler’s totalitarian rule.

A single rule change by the Senate would not qualify to draw such a drastic concern, but taken together with numerous other trends I believe one can discern a dangerous pattern here. The most conspicuous concern involves NSA spying on all Americans. Even our children are being indoctrinated and spied upon in government schools. Where is the public outrage? We have forgotten the warning of Benjamin Franklin that trading freedom for security will result in the loss of both.

We know that the Obama administration has been able to get away with using the IRS to harass his political opponents. No one in the IRS has ever been held accountable for delivering the donor list of the National Organization for Marriage to an Obama campaign organization. My name was on that list. I wonder what other lists my name is on. We are regularly informed of stories of election fraud to the point that the United States resembles a banana republic.

The most common strategy of dictators is to first disarm the population. Obama and his leftist supporters blame violence on guns as an excuse to take away our rights. The violence is a result of our cultural decline into Gomorrah. The problem is people, not guns. The administration even orchestrated an illegal and deadly gun running scheme for the purpose of gaining support for gun control.

As a supporter of the 2nd amendment, I have recently been researching open carry laws and how law enforcement responds to open carry. I prefer not to get a permit and be “registered” in order to exercise my 2nd amendment rights. One only has to do a YouTube search to see hundreds of videos where law enforcement practices illegal searches, detentions and seizures without any reasonable suspicion of a crime. Try walking down the street with a rifle slung over your shoulder and see what happens. Or the next time you encounter a DHS checkpoint hundreds of miles from the border try refusing to answer the question, “Ver are your papers?”

There is an organization called Oath Keepers consisting of law enforcement and military people who have sworn an oath to disobey any unlawful order which violates the constitution. I wrote to one of their spokespersons to ascertain where they stand on open carry, DUI and DHS checkpoints. Do they support the clear meaning of the 4th amendment? I have yet to receive a response.

As far as I know, some in the government lump Oath Keepers in with Tea Partiers and other suspicious suspects. The DHS lists Christians, patriots and Tea Party members as possible terrorists. No doubt, there are many patriotic law enforcement people, but too many get their kicks off by intimidating and controlling people. It isn’t unusual to see news stories about illegal authoritarian police tactics. Too many of today’s police resemble Nazi storm troopers more than Andy of Mayberry. Couple this behavior with the fact that the DHS is preparing for a war on our own soil and it gives one pause to think. It is not unusual to see your local police or DHS riding around in armored personnel carriers. What for? Do a search on DHS detention facilities and “main core.”

We have seen attacks on the first amendment as well. The Obama administration has shown its willingness to harass any opposition press. Spying on James Rosen and the AP should raise alarm bells for all Americans, especially the media. But, it seems that most are asleep. The first amendment is also supposed to guarantee the free expression of religion, but ask Hobby Lobby or the Catholic Church how that’s working out under Obama Care. Or ask those Oregon bakers who refused to make a cake for a Sodomite wedding if they are free to express their religious beliefs.

America is becoming a police state. The warnings of Robert Bork about “Slouching Towards Gomorrah” were unheeded and prophetic. We need to be warned that we are slouching toward tyranny.

Image: Courtesy of: http://macbethproject09b.wikispaces.com/Dana+and+Lauren+-+Hecate

Rick David retired from a career in business in 2011. His experience includes service in the USAF, in medical sales and in operations for an educational testing company. He has a passion for and has been actively engaged in conservative issue advocacy and campaigning for over 30 years. He currently resides in North Liberty, Iowa where he also served as a church pastor with his wife of 43 years and travels extensively volunteering in lay ministry.