GRANDAD’S A BAD ASS: Grandfather Loses Weight, Gets Ripped, Becomes Internet Star

Published on November 30, 2013

For most of us, Thanksgiving will be a time to chow down and experience deep calorie regret. Some of us may even do a guilt-fueled workout on Friday to work off the extra food.

Not Robert Durbin. The 64-year-old Louisville, Ky., married father of five doesn’t need to talk himself into working out. He already does it seven days a week, for at least four hours a day. And he doesn’t overeat. Not anymore.

Durbin wasn’t always so disciplined. Seven years ago, he was so overweight that he felt his health was going downhill fast.

He was forced to wear braces, and needed a cane or a walker to get around.

With grandchildren on the way, Durbin decided to make a change. He joined a local gym and started working out on machines that didn’t require him to stand. Within eight months, he had lost 60 pounds.

He’s now dropped more than 70 pounds, lost 18 inches off his waist and weighs 145 pounds, but it’s his increasingly ripped physique that’s making him an Internet star.

About two years ago, Durbin discovered BarStarzz, an international workout team that uses creative calisthenics to achieve lean, muscled physiques. He saw their videos on YouTube and started working out to them on his own, posting photos and video of his progress on his Instagram account using the handle rockhardpapaw.

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