HAMMER TIME: Krauthammer, ‘Arrogance’ Obama Is Showing Over Broken ObamaCare Promise Is ‘Appalling’

Published on November 7, 2013

KRAUTHAMMER: This issue has now metastasized. It isn’t about the rollout, it isn’t about getting the web site right. They have now compounded what was a disaster of something that you are stripping away the protection of people into a question of can you believe a word from this administration?

What is shocking to me is the arrogance of the president who refuses to admit a plain truth. He did not say the truth. It could have been unwitting deception. It could have been a lie. But to stand there and pretend that, you know, other people haven’t quite understood his intent is just appalling. And the reason the Democrats in the Senate are so scared, you showed Mary Landrieu repeating that, having said that line believing the White House. That not only is going — I think that’s the most devastating ad you could have. It isn’t that she got it wrong but she acted as a poodle to a president who deliberately or perhaps with looking the other way had gotten it wrong and she went along in those steps. I think that single ad could sink her candidacy.

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