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The Ignorance-Driven Life: Dan Savage and the Bully Left

There’s too many g*d-d*** people on the planet!” — Dan Savage, homosexual activist, addressing an Australian audience recently.  His solution to the perceived problem of over-population:  universal abortion for thirty years.  Not kidding.

It takes a special kind of ignorance to suggest such a policy, one that would destroy many Third World countries, destroy all safety nets in the Western world, and trigger famine in various places.  It’s presumed Dan didn’t think it through.  He just launched.  And this is only one of the problems with elitists.

The elitist is only a few steps away from despotism. He believes he has the right to run others’ lives.  In Dan’s case he thinks he is a god unto himself, a belief held by many dictators in training.  Read any Jihadist website.  The combination of arrogance and toxic belief is lethal.

Elitists are condescending. It’s actually a sign of poor education. It assumes superiority, a posture of domination driven by ignorance.  Elitists believe they are somehow better than others, a fallacy of course.  Thus, they give themselves permission to acquire and exercise power, by any means.  The insidious dimension of this belief: they sell their tyranny as if doing you a favor.

Example: Obama, Pelosi and Reid assuming a right to take over and dominate the entire healthcare industry.  It takes a special kind of blind arrogance to actually believe such a right much less act upon it. It also requires massive amounts of deception, for the real plan can never be exposed without risking total failure. No one willingly embraces the guillotine.

Another example of tyranny sold as enlightenment: The liberal belief that people of color cannot compete on a level playing field, that they need affirmative advantage.  This belies another form of discrimination that is insulting at its root, condescending, elitist.

Other examples of incredible presumption leading certain people to believe they have a right to dominate others:
The belief that unsettled science asserting man-made global warming allows elitists to craft vast plans to transfer wealth on a global scale: elitists kidnapping a narrative and using it to manipulate others.

Socialized medicine, nationalized education systems and concentrations of power in the federal government are all examples of death by despotism imposed by uneducated elitists like Obama, tyrants willing to do anything to set and advance an agenda.

Forcing the same sex marriage agenda: the imposition of hate crimes laws that violate civil rights, similar to forcing sex education in schools to force parents to submit to the state. Another example: public funding of abortion and taking girls from school to have abortions without parental notification.

It continues to astound me that people on the Left remain so blinded by ideology they willingly stumble into the concentration camp, demanding the rest of us to follow. And if we object, somehow we are the uneducated, unaware fascist zombies acting as agents of destruction.

Mind bending, especially when presumptive dictators take an oath to protect the Constitution, to defend liberty, and to protect your God-given rights.  They are liars all and should be treated accordingly: refuse to buy their books, turn a deaf ear, vote them out, repudiate them at every turn.

Liberty and justice for all, including the unborn, and even for vicious activists with no sense of responsibility.

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Allan Erickson

Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.