I’M SO PRETTY: Taking Too Many Photos of Your Kids is a BAD Thing, Warn Experts

Published on November 30, 2013

Parents taking too many pictures of their children are being warned that it can be detrimental to their development as it might make them feel ‘overly important’.

As the holiday season cranks into gear, experts are saying that snapping too many moments to create those cherished long-lasting memories can be too much of a good thing.

Some toddlers are known to grab their parents’ smartphones and snap their own ‘selfies’, while other children give creative direction and ask their parents to take pictures of them ‘being cute’.

‘We need to keep track of what values we are communicating by taking the picture and posting and distributing the picture,’ says Judith Myers-Walls, a professor emeritus of human development and family studies at Purdue University.

‘Are you taking a picture of the child and not as a family as a whole? They might think they are the center of the universe,’ she tells Today Moms.

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